How It Works...

In 2005 CSD incorporated Optical Character Recognition (OCR) technology to the bureau. OCR forms were designed allowing easy capture of all events taking place at the farm level. Today, OCR is responsible for approximately 95% of the data capture processed at the bureau.

Farm Level:
OCR forms are filled out by farm personnel and faxed or emailed daily to the CSD office. At the end of the farm's work week, a Total Summary is submitted to CSD listing how many events occurred that week. (matings, farrowing, weans, arrivals, culls, deads, etc.)

CSD Office:
OCR forms are scanned into software specifically designed for CSD that reads the handwritten images. These images create a text file which is uploaded into PigKnows software. After data is uploaded CSD sends all rejected items to the farm via email or fax. Upon completion of the rejected items CSD processes a Performance Monitor to verify events from the farm's weekly Total Summary appears in the PigKnows database. CSD has a three step balancing process to guarantee data integrity and accuracy

Those that need to know...
Data distribution is made simple with the web enabled PigKnows software. Your data is available 24/7.